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4 Glorious Food Trends of 2017 and Food Safety

4 Glorious Food Trends of 2017 and Food Safety

Over the years the world has changed in countless ways and every coming year we are surprised with some modern technology for our lives to become easier. We can say pretty much the same for the food. Since years the evolution of food has us all on our feet. From avocados on a toast to cooking in an earth oven, the trends have always been health oriented.

Years ago no one could predict that there will be a thing called ‘naan pizza’ but voila! Thanks to the changing food trends, we are blessed with something mouth-watering every year. This year most of the food trends are based on helping you with your personal fitness and health. So grab your aprons right now and head to the kitchen or enrol yourself in cooking classes to make the most out of these trendy delicious foods.


1. Fermented Foods

Fermentation is the process where the natural bacteria present in the food feeds on the sugar and starch, creating an acid called lactic acid. Fermented foods are enriched with probiotics and they are preservable. Pickles, Kimchi and Kombucha are the foods you need this year to help you with your health and fitness. Many chefs and trainers use fermented foods in their recipes. Fermentation is what makes foods like grains more digestible. It has been in the world since hundreds of years so it’s a trend that revived out of the history this year. You can easily learn how to make fermented foods by taking professional cooking classes.


2. The Colour Purple

What else could be a royal way to eat food other than the purple coloured food? This year the plates are going to be extra colourful with all that beautiful looking food in it. The colour purple isn’t just a colour in food ingredients but it represents the nutrition facts that the food has higher antioxidants in it. Purple cabbage, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, corn, broccoli, and asparagus are what will be in your plate this year.


3. No Waste Cooking

In 2015, £13bn worth of food was wasted in the UK only. That’s 7.3m tonnes of wasted food in a single year. This does not include the commercial kitchen’s food waste because these shocking figures are from the household food waste. Every year things like, egg shells, vegetable/fruit peels and tea bags go to a waste. Thanks to many rational and considerate chef training schools for taking an initiative for food safety & hygiene and putting a stop to food waste by teaching people how to turn the leftover foods like peels, skins, seeds and pulp into delicious meals and getting creative with the food items we usually throw away. This year be a part of this initiative and make magic with your meals out of the leftovers.


4. Tacos and Alternative Pastas

These two enticing foods from two different nations are a mishmash of Mexican and Italian culture. The tacos are going to be as HOT as ever this year. You’ll be seeing a lot of Instagram tacos in your feed every day. Getting creative with the fillings is the next new thing. You can stuff them with avocados or cheese; they’d still give you a mesmerising feel.

On the other hand, a healthier alternative to the normal pasta is here to stay. Lasagna sheets are being made out of lentils, spaghetti is being made out of black beans and soya beans, and not to forget the Zoodles, noodles made out of zucchini.

Now you can satisfy your appetite without worrying too much about your health. This year is bringing us many healthier alternatives to unhealthy things and putting an end to the habits that threaten the food safety &.