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Stop overeating now with these appetite control strategies

Stop overeating now with these appetite control strategies

Hunger pangs can hit you anytime and anywhere where you are. The reason behind them could be anything. They can be stress related hunger pangs or hunger pangs out of boredom. You’d be watching some amazing looking food on the TV or walking past a nice burger joint. Whatever the reason maybe, just imagine,  if you started eating every single time your tummy grumbled, you would be doing yourself an unfortunate harm, especially if you are following a certain diet plan.

To keep these hunger pangs under control, the rule is to eat just a modest amount of food. Not too much and not to less. You got to leave it just before you are about to feel full. There are some simple things you can do if you are stricken by a hunger pang out of the blue or you just can’t put the plate down.

Pour yourself two glasses of water before each meal

If you are about to get your hands on something you love appetising on and you doubt you’ll stop at the right time, this is the solution for you. You can manage how much you eat by drinking two glasses of water 10 minutes before your meal. Your stomach will feel fuller and you won’t end up boating yourself with food. Water is an answer to most of your fitness problems.

Chew thoroughly and eat steadily

While you are eating your food, it takes time for your stomach to send signals to you brain that you are done for the time being. Your brain also takes time to signal you that you are surpassing the amount you were supposed to intake. So eat slowly and steadily and enjoy each bite you take. This way you will feel satisfied with the taste and the portion of your meal and feel full for a longer period of time.

Eat more fibre based food

Vegetables, fruits and lentils are very good means of fibre for your body. You’ll be doing yourself a favour if you include these things in your daily eating habits. To make it simpler consume the fibre available in the form of a husk that goes in your stomach and expands, making you feel fuller. Moreover it helps with your digestive and bowel system a great deal. If your snacks in between meals are fibre based you’ll end up saving yourself from extra calories intake every day. Be familiar with what you eat and what nutrition it holds by taking a professional chef training course from a well known Culinary Training School.

Vinegar and cinnamon work like magic

Often times when you are on your fitness training road, you are recommended to include two table spoons of vinegar before each meal every day in your routine. Vinegar slows down the process of your food transiting from the stomach to intestines, delaying the appetite for the next meal. Same is the case with cinnamon. If you are having both the things regularly, you’ll develop the habit of eating right every day. Some people are not a fond of the acidic taste of vinegar, but you can overcome that by taking a few cooking courses  and learning how to use it without even knowing it’s there.

Consume healthy snacks between meals

Try snacking on low or no calories snacks. For example you can snack on a fruit which is a great source of fiber and won’t make you gain extra pounds. 6 strawberries and there you go, you are done. Snack ideas like baby carrots, sweet potato or kale chips can come handy while trying to suppress your hunger.

Use smaller plates or bowls

Psychologically you will keep on feeling bad if you have a large plate and not enough food on it. You don’t need to fill the whole plate with food to satisfy yourself … so take a smaller plate and fill it with a decent portion of food so you don’t over eat and feel bad about yourself afterwards. Food safety and food hygiene is also very important factor to be taken care of, so consider taking a food safety & hygiene course.

Furthermore you can make a few variations in your life that can help you with your habit of over eating. Like sleeping better and distracting yourself by taking walks or having a cup of tea. Always remember not to starve yourself and jeopardise your health while doing so.